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7 Time Saving Workout Tips (for business owners & busy professionals)

Fitting in exercise is tough. You’re busy. Everyone wants a piece of you. And there’s only so much to go around.

As a result you end up less active than you’ve ever been and it’s starting to take it’s toll.

Clothes don’t fit like they used to. You feel tired – and stressed – pretty much all the time. And little things (like having to lay down on the bed to get your trousers on) make you acutely aware that you’re not getting any younger.

If you’re keen to get exercise back in your life but don’t have hours to spend each week here are 7 tried and tested tips to get you great results with as little time as possible.

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1. Train Somewhere With Minimal Distractions

While health clubs and fancy gyms are great if you’re pressed for time the same features that sell you on the club (the spacious gym large reception pleasant 1 mile drive into the grounds fancy changing rooms etc) are a liability for time saving.

You could be wasting time driving into the grounds walking through the big car park to the entrance through reception down to the changing rooms and finally into the gym.

There are loads of places around that are designed for one thing; working out. No stuff like a sauna pool or steam room that you’re just never going to use.

Go for a minimalist facility (like a personal training studio) that’s built for one thing – training. You’ll get a decent workout done and dusted in half the time.

2. Go In With A Plan

It’s hard enough to get to the gym. Let alone have to think up what to do when you get there. Being prepared in advance means you can get stuck in rather than dithering about trying to figure out where to start and what to do next.

There are plenty of workouts available online. And ANY plan is better than no plan. But for best results seek the advice of a personal trainer.

Explain your goals and that you’ve only got 20 minutes to workout and see what they come up with.

3. Do Strength Exercises In Pairs

The old school way of training recommended doing an exercise resting for 1-2 minutes then repeating that exercise. While this is great for bodybuilders that are happy to spend hours in the gym everyday if you’re then go straight into a lower body exercise like a lunge.

Once you’ve completed the lunge go straight back into the push up repeating the cycle 3 times.

Your upper body ‘rests’ while you’re working your lower body and vice versa. So you can keep up the intensity and save time in the process.

4. Use High Intensity Cardio Intervals

Slow long duration (30-60 minute cardio workouts) are great to build a good foundation. But if you have a semi-decent level of fitness and not a great deal of time we need to move onto high intensity cardio intervals.

These are short (20-30 seconds) periods of all out effort interspersed with short (1-2 minute) periods or rest.

Your intervals could be working the punchbag on the rowing machine or running uphill (just a few examples). But you’ll achieve more in a 10 minute session of High Intensity Intervals than 30-60 or struggle with injuries don’t start with High Intensity Intervals. You need to start with something more controlled and build up gradually to avoid hips quads and hamstrings).

6. Tighten Up Your Nutrition

Drinking a couple of litres of water each day and getting a few servings of fish and veggies each day will make every minute you send exercises all the more effective.

Don’t want to preach about this. I just want you in what order how many times and with what technique.

The biggest time saving tip I can share with you is have someone else do all the thinking for you. It’ll save you time and energy and make staying motivated much easier.

(You’ll find it much easier to go workout when you don’t have the added strain of having to figure out what to do).

A decent personal trainer will put together a training plan based on your goals and walk you through it step by step as often as you’d like.

You won’t waste time doing exercises that aren’t effective for your particular goals. And there’s nothing like having someone there with you to light a fire under your backside to keep the work rate up.


You don’t have to spend hours exercising each week to get your health and fitness on track. You can start seeing the benefits by investing as little as one hour a week (3×20 minutes).

Simply going with a plan training at a minimalist facility pairing exercises and using high intensity cardio intervals can cut your exercise time in half.

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