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This is the Key to Finally Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals

Have you ever had a DIY project that you just never get round to doing? This is the situation we’d been in at home for the last year or so.

First it was just a blind. I could put that up, no problem. So I resolved to – at some point – do it.

Then we got some cupboards built, which needed painting. No worries – I’ll add them to the list.

Then the sink needed unblocking, and the bath panel fixing a few other jobs that – while I knew I could do – started to get on top of me.

I felt overwhelmed with the amount that needed doing. And as a result never got started.

Getting back in shape can feel overwhelming too

Recently I met with a lady who was experiencing what I had with the DIY with her health and fitness (let’s call her ‘Sally’).

First, Sally started to notice her clothes felt a little tight. No worries she thought, I’ll just cut back on my food.

Then she started to notice she was out of breath doing simple things like going up the stairs.

That’s fine, she thought. I’ll just get back into running.

She’d done it before so she planned (maybe in the next week or so) to start.

The thing that tipped her over the edge was when she noticed she couldn’t put her socks on anymore without having to sit down.

Then the GP told her she had high blood pressure and needed medication. Or she needed to start exercising, get on top of her diet and start managing her stress better (she’d gradually gotten more overweight).

Just like I’d felt wth my ever-growing list of DIY tasks, Sally started to feel overwhelmed by what it would take to get back on track.

Like me, she’d had the best of intentions to address things early on. But she realised it was actually 5 YEARS since she’d had that initial thought of cutting back on her eating. And now she couldn’t wear any of the clothes she used to think we getting a little tight.

The good news is getting on track is simple… Here’s where to start;

Once I admitted to myself that while I could tackle all these jobs myself why should I? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And it definitely wouldn’t be the quickest or most effective way to get the job done. 

So I called a handyman, who specialised in doing all those little jobs that mount up over time that you never get round to.

As soon as I’d booked the guy in I felt a sense of relief. I could go back to focusing on what I do best (helping others achieve their health and fitness goals). I knew that the things I’d been putting off for years was finally going to be taken care of once and for all.

This worked for Sally too. She reached out and asked for help. (in her case she booked a consultation with us to help her get on track).

Yes, she could’ve done 101 things to start getting back on track.

But there’s nothing like enrolling the help of an expert to make things as simple, straightforward and to fast track the process. Especially when it has been put off for years and become too big to tackle by yourself.

Time to get help

If you feel – like Sally – that you’ve been putting your own health and fitness off for too long, and feel overwhelmed about where to start – we’d be honoured to help.

Give us a call on 07766 808553 and ask to book a free health and fitness consultation. Alternatively complete the webform here to request more info and we’ll be in touch soon for a chat.

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