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Feeling Good

24th September 2013 by Kieran Igwe Motivation 0 comments

A couple of weeks back I’d been at the ‘pick your own’ raspberry field just off the the ring road when I saw a lady broken down at the side of the road.

I went over and enquired if everything was OK. And what I learned from the encounter taught me a valuable lesson about self esteem…

…The driver (a 40 something year old mum) was feeding a crying baby in the front, had a toddler in the back and what appeared to be her elderly mum next to her trying to maintain order.

OK, so it wasn't quite like this

OK, so this is a dramatization of actual events

I could see she had a flat tyre. And while I’m useless with anything to do with cars I can change a tyre. So, 10 minutes and a little elbow grease later (OK, 20 minutes :)) and the lady was on her way.

It wasn’t just the tyre that changed

Now, nothing in my life had changed from 20 minutes before. My body was the same, my bank balance was the same, my level of fitness was the same. My whole life situation was exactly the same. Except, for some reason I felt remarkably better than I had just 20 minutes earlier.

The whole experience made me realise something extremely valuable. Ready for this? I realised that…

to feel good about ourselves we don’t need anything to be different than it is right now.

Even though everything else was exactly the same, because I’d carried out a behaviour that was in line with my values (helping others is something I’d earlier defined as being important to me) I felt good. I felt more positive about myself, and my life.

And isn’t that all we’re really looking for? To feel satisfied with ourselves and how we feel in any given moment?

We can feel better by aligning our behaviours with our goals

You don’t have to wait until you’ve achieved something (the flatter stomach, the slimmer hips, the toned arms) to feel good about yourself.

In fact, you can feel good by simply taking a step in the right direction towards something that’s important to you.

Remember that feeling you get just after you’ve finished a workout? Driving home from the gym we get that sense of smugness that we’ve 100% earned.

he must've just worked out too

he must’ve just worked out too

And while the post-exercise endorphins play a role, I believe the simple act of doing something that we feel is good for us makes us… feel good.

Behaviours – not just results – are what make us happy

After seeing plenty of people achieve their goals, I’ve realised that it’s not always the achievement of a goal that makes someone happy. The ‘feel good’ and self esteem seems to come from the taking of positive steps (finishing a workout, choosing the salad, passing on the cake).


We don’t have to wait until we’re 2 stone lighter to feel good. We can feel good simply by doing something that’s in line with our goal. Any given behaviour – when in line with what we truly value – has the power to make us feel good about ourselves.

What do you think? Do you believe it’s worth doing something today to feel good? If  so then hit the like button below. Then take a moment today to do something that’s in line with that which is most important to you.

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