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I Never Used to Think Yoga Was For Me – Lisa’s Journey from Sceptic to Student to Teacher

23rd February 2015 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

It all started with a book A few years ago (actually back in 2007 to be exact) I decided to join a running club – the wonderful Eccleshill Road Runners. After about 4 months and a couple of 10k runs later I stumbled across a book in my local bookshop; The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga by […]

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Conscious spending of calories

18th February 2015 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

Ever feel like life’s one big compromise? Take getting in shape. You want things to be a little firmer, so you have to give up everything that makes life worth living. Pretty raw deal, huh? I’ve struggled on a similar level with money. I’m either buying everything I want, or I’m depriving myself on a […]

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3 tips (or reminders) for making progress with your health and fitness

6th February 2015 by Kieran Igwe Motivation 0 Comments

I met Cameron in Sociology class at college. Being one of 3 boys in a group of 30 girls discussing topics like gender inequalities can get pretty brutal. So we gravitated. For safety I guess. He introduced me to the world of night clubs, mixing vinyl and Saturday mornings at independent record stores (we’d try […]

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Ever fancied Yoga?

Over the next few weeks we’re running a Fitness Yoga session at the DF studio and I’d love for you to come along, try it out and let us know what you think. We’re trying to figure out if this is something we’re going to do longer term. But I’d like your opinion to help […]

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You’re exercising. You’re eating better. But the scale says you’ve gained weight! What gives?

14th January 2015 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

I got an email from someone in distress working through the 12in12 fat loss nutrition course. Even though she’d lost 5 lbs and a few inches, her weight went up after two days of working on one of the new habits. She wasn’t sure if it was coincidence, part of her monthly cycle, if she […]

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Staying commited to diet and exercise

7th January 2015 by Kieran Igwe Motivation 0 Comments

Disappointment and dieting seem to go hand in hand. Failure and fitness has a pretty good ring to it too. But why, even though we want the results we know come from exercising and clean eating do we struggle to see through the commitments we make to ourselves? Take new year. It starts with a […]

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The simplest workout hack to get you more muscle

A while back someone struck a pretty sweet deal with nature. If you lift heavy weights, eat some food and rest you’ll be rewarded with bigger muscles in the morning. If you’re already doing this you’re on the right track to building muscle. You can probably do this for a while and keep seeing progress […]

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The link between managing money and your midsection

Maybe you’ve vowed to get your health and fitness on track. You’re fed up with not being happy with how things are right now and you’re set to do something about it. This pretty much sums up how I felt about finances. I’d been in debt for as long as I’d had a bank account. […]

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Why you should ignore most dietary advice

Having ‘how to’ info at the touch of a button is amazing. Want to lose weight? tone up? feel healthy? get fitter? no problem. Google (and the media) has got your back. Most articles give us advice on the Best stuff we can do. Now I love getting advice. And it’s certainly good to know […]

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How to tweak your gym workout to keep it fresh

Fitness and working out mostly feels horrible. Legs shaking. breathlessness. Arms burning. Add doing the same old exercises in the mix and yeah, I can see why it’s hard to get motivated. At the same time exercise gives us something we want. In return for the discomfort it shapes your body. Makes you feel more […]

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