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Lifting weights, getting stronger and how [not] to turn into the incredible hulk

Found some classic footage of Lyz lifting weights that made us both laugh. Well, I obviously showed Lyz, waited till she laughed then tentatively joined in. I remember at the time these weights were suitably challenging. Here’s the clip.: Fast forward to 2014, and for a similar exercise to challenge her in the same way […]

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What your gym programme’s missing… a 5 point checklist to pimp your workout

14th October 2014 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

It’s easy to get in the habit of doing the same old gym routine. Perhaps like me, you were shown some exercises back in the 90’s by a crazy muay thai instructor and you just kept doing them. You too thought that 1000 sit ups a day was the best way to flat abs. But […]

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For when you find yourself losing touch with fitness and going through the motions

You know you feel better when you exercise. You know it’s good for you and yet sometimes (ok, most of the time) exercising can feel like a chore. So how can we make it less like something you have to do, and more like something you want to do? Two words: performance. goal. Adding a […]

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Why You Can’t Change Your Body… And Why It Doesn’t Matter

If your goal is to see positive changes in your body there are things that, when you focus too much on, will prevent you seeing results. In today’s post I’d like to share the trap you’d need to avoid, and what to focus on instead to see results. The problem is you can’t lose weight. […]

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What top athletes do in their gym workouts that you could do too

Have you ever worked out and noticed that over the weeks you started to hit a plateau? You stopped being able to do more. You found you stopped being able to lift heavier weights. And the changes you were seeing in your body came to a halt. Bit of a bummer for you and me. […]

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Should we really be focusing on results?

Outrageous I know – me questioning the importance of seeing results. After spending the last 8 years creating a business to help people achieve the fitness results they want. But bear with me… because the realisation I had this weekend about results (or outcomes) and how we go about reaching them could change how you […]

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Simon Smith – Expert Interview

In this months’ expert interview I talk to Chiropractor Simon Smith about getting rid of aches and pains. Check out the 15 minute interview to find out: 1. How to limit damaging effects of poor posture 2. Tips on setting up your desk for fewer aches and pains 3. Why you keep getting reoccurring injuries […]

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Ski Conditioning Circuit

9th November 2013 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

Skiing is great. Having your holiday stopped short due to injury, or flat out lack of fitness… not so great. So I’d like to share a few ski specific exercises that’ll help protect you from the stresses and strains you’ll face on the slopes. Do these 2-3 times/week for a month before you go and […]

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Work in progress

6th November 2013 by Kieran Igwe Motivation 0 Comments

Walking to work I pass a load of rubble. It used to be a factory, but a few years ago it got levelled. Now that’s all I see; rubble. But someone saw more than just rubble. They saw a mum in her kitchen, preparing a family meal. They saw a snug office where dad could […]

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Exercise of the Week: Box Jump, Pull Up, Push Up Circuit

2nd November 2013 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

When you’re working at losing body fat it’s key to maintain as much muscle as possible. Sure, having firm toned muscles looks good. But muscle is the most metabolically active of all the tissues in our body. Which means the more muscle we maintain, the more calories we burn – even at rest. Pretty cool, […]

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