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Do you still play?

A couple of weeks back we were making small talk at the gym when one of the girls asked if I was still playing tennis. My response? “Of course I play… I mean kind of…. errr… well actually it’s been a couple of weeks… better make that months. Okay, I did play.” I felt a […]

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I Never Used to Think Yoga Was For Me – Lisa’s Journey from Sceptic to Student to Teacher

23rd February 2015 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

It all started with a book A few years ago (actually back in 2007 to be exact) I decided to join a running club – the wonderful Eccleshill Road Runners. After about 4 months and a couple of 10k runs later I stumbled across a book in my local bookshop; The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga by […]

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Gym challenge – February 2015

20 second isometric front hold with dumbbell Grit and determination required for this one – it’ll test your stamina an strength. You might have seen the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ event on Europe’s Strongest Man, well this is a similar idea. You hold the heaviest dumbbell you can out in front of you for 20 seconds (Thor’s […]

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Ever fancied Yoga?

Over the next few weeks we’re running a Fitness Yoga session at the DF studio and I’d love for you to come along, try it out and let us know what you think. We’re trying to figure out if this is something we’re going to do longer term. But I’d like your opinion to help […]

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Why you’re already ahead of the game for fitness in 2015

According to one of the UK’s leading fitness experts – you’re leading the charge for fitness trends in 2015 You’re on it – you’re already doing the main so called new fitness trend for this year. How cool is that. What is it I hear you ask, well… You’re leading the way in choosing a […]

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The simplest workout hack to get you more muscle

A while back someone struck a pretty sweet deal with nature. If you lift heavy weights, eat some food and rest you’ll be rewarded with bigger muscles in the morning. If you’re already doing this you’re on the right track to building muscle. You can probably do this for a while and keep seeing progress […]

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Gym Challenge – December

4th December 2014 by Lyz Igwe Gym challenges 0 Comments

Bungee Cord Sprint Make your legs faster. Build acceleration and faster reaction times. The idea is to do as many shuttle run sprints as you can in 60 seconds, whilst attached to the bungee cord to provide resistance. Each go is one, one minute set – this would work as a replacement for one of […]

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Gym Challenge – November

3rd November 2014 by Lyz Igwe Gym challenges 0 Comments

Overhead barbell push press Test your strength endurance The idea is to do as many overhead push presses as you can in 1 minute with 50% of your body-weight. The main muscles this works are the shoulders and other muscles are quadriceps and triceps. Each go is one, one minute set – this would work […]

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How to tweak your gym workout to keep it fresh

Fitness and working out mostly feels horrible. Legs shaking. breathlessness. Arms burning. Add doing the same old exercises in the mix and yeah, I can see why it’s hard to get motivated. At the same time exercise gives us something we want. In return for the discomfort it shapes your body. Makes you feel more […]

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Lifting weights, getting stronger and how [not] to turn into the incredible hulk

Found some classic footage of Lyz lifting weights that made us both laugh. Well, I obviously showed Lyz, waited till she laughed then tentatively joined in. I remember at the time these weights were suitably challenging. Here’s the clip.: Fast forward to 2014, and for a similar exercise to challenge her in the same way […]

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