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Strengthen & Tone @ Home


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21 days to a fitter, firmer you!

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers when you’re trying to change your body. The weight, the inches, the clothes size. Don’t get me wrong, this stuff absolutely matters. But to reshape your body we need to shift focus. We need to reshape your habits. Most habits happen by accident The exercise and […]

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9 strategies to stay lean and toned on your holiday

You’ve been working out hard for months; exercising consistently, eating better and finally you’re starting to notice a difference. Your weight’s down. You feel slimnmer and your clothes fit better. Not only do you feel more toned, but people are starting to comment on how good you look. But there’s a problem. You’ve got a […]

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Gym Challenge – July 2015

Bosu Squat to Press Here’s one to test your balance… The Bosu squat to press challenge starts with a standing overhead barbell press while standing on the bosu and progresses to a squat to press with 10kg slam ball. You’ll have likely done both versions of this exercise on terra firma but adding an unstable […]

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Gym Challenge – June 2015

Bosu & Med Ball Plank Here’s one to test your core strength and coordination! The Bosu and medicine ball plank is about progressing through the levels. You’ve probably done the Plank a hundred times, one way to make the exercise a little more challenging is to add an unstable surface – or in this case […]

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Repeated Fat Loss Failure

Nothing is more demoralising (and confidence sapping) than trying to do something and failing repeatedly. Take losing weight. Sometimes you battle on for years. Gain weight, feel disgusted, do diet, lose weight, lose motivation, gain weight. It’s easy to get stuck in this cycle for years. And even feel resigned to the idea that this […]

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Gym Challenge – May 2015

Bosu front squat Here’s one to test your balance! The Bosu front squat is about progressing through the levels with impeccable technique, rather than competing to lift the heaviest weights possible at any cost: Level 1 is standing still on the Bosu for 20 seconds without either side of the Bosu ‘plate’ touching  the floor. […]

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What exercise style suits your personality?

23rd April 2015 by Lyz Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

The word exercise means something different to all of us and covers a whole range of activities. Anything from a quick jog around the park to a ‘beasting’ of a workout, to a swim at the local pool to a 15 mile race round the scenic Yorkshire countryside to cycling to work. What we’ve come […]

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Gym Challenge – March 2015

Dumbbell lateral raise & 20 second hold Here’s one for your shoulders – it’s gonna burn a bit The idea is to hold the heaviest dumbbells you can out to your side, with your arms straight for 20 secs. Each ‘go’ is one, 20 second rep. [list type=”arrow2″] Make sure you’ve done your warm up; […]

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Why the gym doesn’t work for most people, and what to do about it.

18th March 2015 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 Comments

If working out doesn’t come naturally, sticking to the gym is one of the toughest things to do. Jo was one of those people who’d always struggled to exercise, and tried joining a gym to get in shape. But there was a number of things that made her think it wasn’t meant to be: The […]

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